VVOB Rwanda/ Scratc²h 2050 Exposure Visit

VVOB together with the Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB) and the Rwanda Coding Academy (RCA) (under Rwanda TVET Board—RTB) implemented the Scratc2h 2050 Project, funded by the Belgian Government, through ENABEL. The Scratc2h 2050 Project aims to improve the relevance of secondary Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and to strengthen the link with the world of work, by supporting STEM and ICT teachers in Kayonza district to set up after-school coding clubs in their schools. This is a two-year pilot project that is being implemented from July 2020 to June 2022.

Scale and Sustainability: Insights from Saving Brains Innovators - Grand Challenges Canada's Saving Brains Program

How do we scale innovations sustainably? Saving Brains innovators are on the pathway to scale, but a lot still has to be done. Learn more about insights emerging from the Saving Brains Next Stage for Sustainable Scaling convening in Kigali, Rwanda.

Shaping the future of school leadership in Africa - VVOB Rwanda

This video shows key highlights of a co-creation workshop organised in July 2023, by the Rwanda Ministry of Education and VVOB together with partners to review key concepts of the African Centre for School Leadership (ACSL) and shape the future of the Centre. The African Centre for School Leadership is an initiative by and for African and African-based partners and other partners that share the goal of advancing quality education in Africa.

Highlights from Saving Brains Next Stage for Sustainable Scaling Convening in Kigali

In June 2023, 24 innovator teams from 17 countries came together in Kigali, Rwanda, for three days of connection, community, and collaboration. The workshop asked what it will take for ECD innovators to reach 10 times their existing scale in a way that (1) remains grounded in respect for the dignity and agency of each programme user; and (2) attracts new funding to make sustainable expansion possible. The workshop built on earlier learning community work synthesized in the paper “Emerging Perspectives on Scaling Whole Child Development in Adversity"



MOFA Project Launch Highlight_ WaterAid Rwanda at Kirehe District.